I've been involved in the local music industry for over 20 years and loved the sound of Australian country music, gaining inspiration from performers such as slim dusty, Stan Coster, Lindsay butler, Brian Letton, Barry Thornton.

Mark chelini & Arthur (Bing) Bonney - thanks guys for your encouragement and support.

Born on the goldfields on the 25.10. 1966 at Kalgoorlie regional hospital, then started my life on Carbine Station then moved to Coolgardie. In July 1974 moved to Esperance and I have been here ever since.

Passed cert 2 in music foundation and cert 3 technical production in 2003.

I received the encouragement award in 1988 and the arts award in 2002 and I have been in the local music club for 20 years. In 2005 I received a life membership.

Country music will always be my style and I won’t be swayed by the modern style that is now being played and I will always play with a real drummer and bass player that are not computerised.

I have a collection of original material describing experiences in my life. My favorite original is outback friend.


I have been compiling a list of all the bands that have been involved in the Esperance music scene. You can see it HERE. If you can think of any more or notice any discrepancies  please let me know.

More to come soon. Enjoy some photos while you wait. Cheers, Diesel.



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